Taqueria Review: La Taqueria.

Editor’s Note: This is the second in our series of reviews of local Mission taquerias.  This taqueria review will feature content written by “Rob” our “Guest Taqueria Analyst.”

dearest burrito, you are the only thing that understands me.

Erik: Methodology – Five relatively physically healthy men, not-quite young, served as subjects in the following study of taqueria tastitude™.  The burrito and the taqueria were objectively measured using a variety of variables.  These variables were conveniently recorded in a googledoc and are summarized at the end of this review.

Rob: AnalysisLa Taqueria, or “La Taq” as it is known to local denizens, is one of the more well-known taquerias in the City. Located conveniently near the Mission & 24th St. BART stop, La Taq provides a spartan menu of burritos and tacos, with meats ranging from stewed chicken to lengua (no seafood).  Our visit to La Taq presented an interesting conundrum: the taqueria’s tacos are arguably more renowned than their burritos, therefore largely responsible for La Taq’s popularity and reputation, but for the purposes of this blog we would be focusing on the burrito only.

Rob = Burrito Gangsta

Erik: What Rob means is “Any idiot can make a good taco.”  One time, I made a taco with a hotdog, a piece of wheat bread, and ketchup.  It ain’t rocket science.  The burrito, on the other hand, is a science.  It has a glorious history.  If a San Francisco taqueria tells you it is notable for its tacos, it is simply trying to deflect criticism for suckage.

Rob: Upon entering, I was immediately struck by the colorful mural spanning the length of two adjoining walls, as well as the cheeriness of the staff. Because of the concentrated nature of the menu offerings and having had the carnitas during my previous visit, I quickly decided on a chicken burrito with cheese and avocado. The menu does not offer a “super” burrito; only one size burrito, with your choice of meat and then any sides that you wish to add. The service was prompt and courteous, without an overwhelming sense of friendliness but at a very comfortable level for an SF taqueria.

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