Waiting Room Chairs.
December 1, 2009, 5:30 pm
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Most of the furniture we own has lived in my parent’s basement for the past year.  Emily apparently lived on disposable bean bag chairs or mooched off of her roommates for the past 29 years, so she has no furniture of her own.  Apart from our legendary Jeans Couch* (see below), we do not have much for guests to sit on.  We resolved to find some comfortable chairs for our living room.

The awesomest couch in the world, firmly ensconced in our living room. Olivia wishes she could sit on it.

The problem is that SF furniture dealers are all on serious drugs. Yes, even for San Francisco.  The prices for furniture are incredible.  For example: we went to a second hand furniture store, well regarded in the neighborhood.  I saw a chair in the corner.  I recognized it.  When I was twelve, I sat in it while I waited in the office of my evangelical Christian Indian orthodontist, Dr. Daniels.  The price: $300.  I assure you, Dr. Daniels did not seat us in Laz-E-Boys, Aeron Chairs, or something designed by Saarinen.  No, we sat in this:

Price: fifteen thousand euros.

I am clearly missing something.  Something big.  I wish I was an investigative journalist so I could uncover the true nature of this high price market for shitty furniture.  If I were Malcolm Gladwell, I could quickly come up with a facile and glib explanation.  The best I can do is: Invasion of the Body Snatchers, 1978.  Plot: remake of the original in which San Francisco is invaded by body snatchers.  What does this have to do with cheap furniture sold at high prices?  I shouldn’t have to spell it out for you but I will.


*Emily wants to get a different slip cover for the Jeans Couch.  Unfortunately for her, the Jeans Couch is to my girlfriends what Afghanistan is to Global Empires.  Many have tried to conquer it.  To shape it into something civilized.  To tame its wild nature.  All have failed.


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That’s INSANE. I’ve only seen House Hunters on HGTV when they go shopping in San Fran, and I wondered. Knowing how I like to be thrifty with my finds and re-work them into ah-mazing pieces (ok, Steph does that), that’s sad that a poop-chair is so expensive.

Also, I like that you’ve put me as a friend on the side. I have a favor (I’m being greedy), but would you be willing to add to your list, too? Just in case some of your readers start to suck on the nipple that is my blog, too.

Comment by Evan

I had no idea this furniture terror was being broadcast to millions of households.

PS – Link added! I thought I had linked to your blog initially, but I must have screwed up. Now you get two.

Comment by erik.

Don’t back down Erik! Keep the pimp hand strong.

Comment by Dan

I exercise it often.

Comment by erik.

If Emily wants a new slipcover for the much-maligned jeans couch, it is made by Mitchell Gold–the same people who make Pottery Barn furniture, though they had NOT YET DONE THAT when I bought the couch in 1992. However, I presume that, as it is a classic, much like the ubiquitous dentist-waiting-room chair, slipcovers may be available, but are probably more expensive than the chair.

Comment by mumsy

i told u to take the German leather chair in the basement with the holes in the arms, but no !!

Comment by me

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