December 1, 2009, 4:49 pm
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The monotony is disgusting.  I wake up and check the weather.  I learned long ago, in Michigan, that a sensible person checks the weather before he dresses himself.  It has reached the level of reflex.  Other than a few spaced out incomprehensible grunts, the first sounds I make every morning are, “What is the weather like?”  But here it is useless.  A waste of precious energy.  I know that every day will be like the last.  A mind-numbing series of sameness.  Day after day, and nothing has changed.  It is 60 degrees and sunny.  Tomorrow will be 60 degrees and sunny.  The day after that?  60 degrees and fucking sun.  Every fucking day.

Some explanation:  San Francisco is constantly assaulted by something called the California Current.  Deeper cold water moves up to displace warm surface water at the coast.  This makes the famous fog and a mild climate.  Combine this with a hilly peninsula and you have microclimates.  In theory, one neighborhood can have completely different temperature from another.  This is bullshit though, because every neighborhood is 60 degrees and sunny, as far as I can tell.

The winter should be the rainy season.  San Francisco gets practically no rainfall between March and October, then gets dumped on for months.  I don’t believe that though.  It is 60 degrees and sunny.  It has been since October.  It rained maybe once.  I completely missed it and regretted it all day.

I always resisted the notion that Michiganders are obsessed with the weather.  But it is true.  The weather controls our lives.  How we dress and get to school or work, how we grow our crops or hunt for deer.  In Michigan, we treasure every nice day because they are so few.  The sun will emerge from the overcast sky and warm the earth.  A Michigander seizes that time and feels guilty if he or she lets it slip away.  The sun hides again, possibly forever.  Imagine a place where every day is a nice day.  How do you decide when to go outside?  How can you feel guilty about staying inside when tomorrow will be just as nice?  WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOU CAN’T FEEL GUILTY ANYMORE?!

alleged "microclimates"


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I treasured a rare, temperate, sunny December day–“sunny weather” is an oxymoron in Michigan–by going to the park. At the nature center, all the fair-weather photographers were saying farewell to each other until spring. Things could be worse. You could be here.

Comment by mumsy

I had a hard time adjusting to the weather out there, too. The summer I lived in SF I had to sleep with a space heater next to me and have Ben ship me more of my “winter clothes.” And I didn’t see rain once in 3 months.

Comment by Michelle

I do enjoy it, it is just weird to think Christmas won’t have snow. Apparently we are getting a terrific storm next week that will flood everything and kill us all.

Comment by erik.

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