Blog III: The Quest for Peace.
December 1, 2009, 4:22 pm
Filed under: Editorial

This blog has survived two reboots.  It began as a High Concept Project Blog (Russian Film experienced by an unemployed dork).  Then it transitioned to a Road Trip Blog (Driving across the US from DC to SF).  Now I am rebooting it a third time.  It will be much the same as before only with better actors and more elaborate special effects.

This third avatar* will describe my experiences adapting to life in San Francisco.  I moved to the Mission District approximately 3 weeks ago.  Much has transpired since my last blog entry celebrating my entry into the city, but any entertaining vignettes will have to wait to come up in the course of updating.  It would be too much work to recap.  My initial thought is to organize each entry around a certain aspect of the city.  My life is pretty mundane, so I can’t use the same format as the Road Trip blog.  You, the readership, apparently do not find Russian film as fascinating as I do, so I am abandoning High Concepts.

Thanks for reading!

*While writing this blog entry** I learned that Henry Ford believed in reincarnation.  Can we all agree that Henry Ford was certifiably insane?

**The blog entries† are time intensive because I indulge in meticulous background research over trivial issues.  Most of the work never reaches the site.  This is my excuse for the occasional lapse in timely updating.

† Also, this entry is descending into some turgid David Foster Wallace territory with all these footnoted footnotes.


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I can’t wait until you reboot it for the fourth time! I wonder what that will have in store for us.

Regardless of how many reboots, you can’t give up on it. I just keep adding more and more crap to mine.

Comment by Evan

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