San Francisco – The End.
November 12, 2009, 5:42 pm
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14 States, 4 National Parks, 7 hotel rooms, 4 time zones, 3 mountain ranges, 2 oceans, 14 cities, over 4700 miles, 3.5 weeks, and hundreds of elk later we reached San Francisco.  The Paris of the West.  The City that Knows How.  Yuerba Buena, as the Spaniards called it.   Do not call it “Frisco.”

So this blog experiment comes to an end.  I hope it was entertaining.  Should I continue it as I study for the CA bar and look for work in a new city?  Let me know in the COMMENTS!


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Congrats again on finishing your trip (and blogging about it). I already commented on facebook, but I definitely think you should continue your tales. I miss San Francisco and I need someone to live vicariously through while stuck in this conservative place I chose to live.

Comment by Michelle

But we both live near bays! Thanks for being such a devoted reader, I’ve really appreciated your encouragement. I’ve already had some pretty radical encounters with far out SFers. Unfortunately, I would be too far behind to recount it chronologically. I am sure there will be new ones. I didn’t know you lived here.

Comment by erik.

Yes, continue.

Comment by Dan

I would like that very much.

Comment by Marta

Yes,pass the CA bar and get a job! God knows you’ll never make it as a pro golfer!

Comment by Jim Arndt

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