New Orleans – Novelty Glasses.
October 1, 2009, 1:04 am
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I knew they existed because I had spotted them out of the corner of my eye days before.  They were shaped like the Fleur de Lis, green, opulent vessels for the sweet nectar of life.  We coveted them.  We wanted to drink “Hurricanes” from them.  But where to find them?  We scoured Bourbon Street.  Also, we looked at the drunk people and marvelled at the awesomely bad music.  There are many strip clubs on Bourbon Street.

The Fleur de Lis is the traditional symbol of the French monarchy.  As a royal symbol, it has its origins in the Merovingian dynasty.  If history serves, those are the dudes that covered up that Jesus totally married Mary and had like a bajillion babies.  Anyway, Louisiana is all about Napoleon and the French and so the symbol shows up everywhere.  PS – did you know that Napoleon totally had designs to expand his empire across the globe by using Louisiana territory as a launching point for a conquest of America? Unfortunately, the ill-fated Russian campaign forced him to sell the territory to fund his European campaign.  We could all be working 30 hour weeks, people.  Think about that.

The Hurricane, unfortunately-named iconic beverage of NOLA.

Drinking Hurricanes.


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