Red Wave – Selected Music from the former USSR.
September 6, 2009, 3:15 pm
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I thought it would be fun to post some of my favorite ridiculous music videos from Russia — both from the USSR era and the present.  Keep in mind my understanding of the language is very minimal, so I generally have no idea what they are singing about.

Ruslana – Wild Dances. Prepare to go Beyond Thunderdome with Ruslana, a Ukranian who has worked with Missy Elliot and T. Pain.  She won Eurovision 2004 with this song.  I defy you to try to prevent yourself from engaging in some kind of writhing slamdance to the “shi-di-ri-di-duy” part.  Also watch out for the glass-splintering wail around 1:45:

The People’s Commissariat for Rock says:  Ruslana’s primitive movements evoke the glorious endurance of our ancient culture over imperialist oppression!

Gorky Park – Moscow Calling. Gorky Park committed the heinous crime of glam metal against the Soviet state. In an earlier time, Brezhnev would have just sent them to the GULAG.  Unfortunately, that pussy Gorbachev was all about “glasnost” so they could not be properly liquidated and subsequently got MTV airplay:

The People’s Commissariat for Rock says:  Gorky Park performs its patriotic duty, seeking out enemies of the state through pervasive surveillance.  In Soviet Russia, you do not watch Gorky Park; Gorky Park watches you through your makeup compact, listens to you through your phone, and strip-searches you with a microphone.

Verka Seduchka – Kiss, Please. WTF:

The People’s Commissariat for Rock says:  Verka Seduchka works dilligently to inspire all proletarian families to reverse our declining birthrate through procreative marital acts.

Mumiy Troll – Momma Bear. Mumiy Troll is a critically respected indie rock band.  NSFW – Furries:

The People’s Commissariat for Rock says:  We salute all collective farmers, whose devotion to the motherland has produced a record gherkin crop!

Gogol BordelloWanderlust King. Gogol Bordello hail from Brooklyn, but Eugene Hütz is a Roma from Ukraine.  DANCE!

The People’s Commissariat for Rock says:  Hipster hooliganism will not be tolerated in the perfect socialist state!

Kino – Blood Type. Kino, to the Sovs, is like a mix between Nirvana and Joy Division.  Lead singer Vikor Tsoi, who died before his time, is considered an icon.  This song is actually awesome.

The People’s Commissariat for Rock says:  Suicide, fast driving, and brooding lyrics do not correspond with Leninist ideals, we recommend more house beats and cross-dressing.


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