An unemployed midwesterner shambles through Russian Film.
August 17, 2009, 10:12 pm
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Привет!  The Russians have a saying: “What is good to the Russian is a classy porn movie to the German.”  For real, that’s a proverb.  To test this sage axiom, I will spend the next few months of involuntary freedom from work discovering the glories of Russian film.

So together Comrades, we will learn valuable lessons about decadent capitalism, the infallibility of the revolution, the heroism of the Great Patriotic War, the virtue of labor in emulation of the proletariat, and the importance of strong moral living.  There might also be some action.  Along the way, we will bridge the newly opened divide.

We will examine the famous and not-so-famous.  We will look into their eyes and get a sense of the Russian soul.

"Film Eye" by Rodchenko.

"Film Eye" by Rodchenko.


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You should include youtube clips if available.

Comment by Ian

Good call. I will find one and add it to the first post.

Comment by erik.

Great blog! I’ve spent the last two days trying to think of something clever to post, but Putin’s sexiness is just too distracting for me. Looking forward to following you on the interwebs.

Comment by kt

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